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A Mountain Log Home is more than just a home; it's a handcrafted American tradition. We are one of only a few companies left who hand peel and air dry our products. Our craftsmen hand-draw the bark from each log to reveal only the rustic wood surface. Unlike machine peeled logs, our logs are smooth to the touch, easy to clean but authentic in appearance. Your decision to live in a Mountain Log Home makes a statement. It says something about who you are and the things you believe in. It speaks quietly of comfort, pride and integrity. Whether you choose to live in the rustic charm of our traditional full wall log, or one of the many styles offered with our Comfort-R-1/2 Log Siding System you'll rest easy in the tranquil comfort of your Mountain Log Home.

You will take pride in knowing that your home has been handcrafted with the finest materials available and produced under a rigid system of checks to insure quality control; a system that begins when we select quality logs and doesn't end until the last piece of your home is loaded for delivery. If you are interested in any of our products, or further information please 'Contact Us'. Thank you for visiting, and please come back again. Mountain Log Home Co. - Updated: March, 2015

Excellent Workmanship & Quality Components

  • Custom Design & Construction
  • Logs Peeled By Hand
  • Traditional Half Round Wall Logs
  • 3 Side Classic D-Log
  • Log Exterior
  • Comfort-R-1/2 Log Siding
  • Quality Components


Mountain Log Home Co. Plans

Mountain Log Home plan books are available for purchase. Call us @ 715-276-3003 or click on the "Contact Us" link to send us your request. We also can provide assistance with custom plans to make your dream log home come true.

  • Clearwater Plan
  • Charleston Plan
  • Geneva Plan
  • Priceton Plan
  • Cameron Plan
  • Chesterfield Plan
  • Edgewater Plan
  • Edinborough Plan