About Us

Mountain Log Home Company's roots date back to the mid 1930's when Henry Kopitzke and son Harvey hired a young man by the name of Lloyd "Bud" Schaut to work in the woods and sawmill.

In 1944, the Kopitzke family began sawing on Highway 32 just south of Mountain, Wisconsin. The original mill, which was steam powered, sat across the road from where our modern facilities are today.

For years, Bud Schaut worked the mill producing much needed high quality lumber for the area, all the while gaining experience and honing his skills of the fine art of sawmilling and the timber industry. Eventually the steam mill was dismantled and sold, as the equipment of yesteryear gave way to a new era of technology.

There would be a brief respite in the family's mill heritage, but not for long, as sawdust runs deep in their veins. In 1978 Lyle Schaut, Bud's son, had an interest in producing log homes. With his father's knowledge, expertise and guidance, Lyle opened the doors of Mountain Log Home Company.

Bud helped mold the future as he directed the company towards a family tradition of excellence, now in its third generation and owned by Lloyd "Buddy" Schaut, Bud's grandson.

Although decades have passed and countless equipment changes have been made since that time, the craftsmanship, knowledge, and respect of our natural resources that existed then, are still present today in every home we produce.

Since the beginning, Mountain Log Home Company has strived for one thing; to bring our growing family of home owners the best homes for the best price. We start by selecting only the finest logs and timbers available for your home.

Once they've passed the initial test, a tradition of old world craftsmanship takes over. As what were once trees, begin a journey back through time where the artistic skill of our log work team transforms natural beauty into timeless elegance.

We invite you to join our growing family of Mountain Log Home owners; and look forward to helping you realize your dreams as you create traditions of your own.