Custom Design Flexibility

After spending time looking at various plans you may find that the design you like or have chosen requires various changes or modifications to make it your own. Whether you're looking at a get-a-way cabin in the woods or a custom cabin designed for a king you will be happy to know that design flexibility is built into all of our homes.

That's because unlike some companies, Mountain Log Home Company is more interested in your dreams and what makes sense for your lifestyle than in putting you into a cookie cutter mold.

If you're looking for a completely custom home or a hybrid of two styles, allow your imagination to lead the way and make changes until your ideal plan becomes your own.

Our dedicated team of skilled professionals will work with you to make suggestions and recommendations on your design so your ideas and dreams can be transformed into the most live-able floor plan for your individual needs.

The result is a home that's made just for you; a home that shows off your tastes and lifestyle.