Product Information

wall-logs1Wall Logswall-logs2

A log used for a solid wall structure 6” & 8” heights are available in 8’ lengths. A wall log is used to create a Butt and Pass Corners by extending beyond the corner in alternating rows.


log-sliding1½ Log Sidinglog-sliding2

1/2 Log siding is used to cover framed structures and is available in 6", 8" and upon special order 10". Corner logs are used with 1/2 log siding to give the appearance of full log construction.


d-logs1D Logs d-logs2
A log used for a solid wall structure.
The log is sawed on the top, bottom, and back to make a flat surface.


vertical-corners1Vertical Corners vertical-corners2
The vertical corner is the least expensive corner.
This material can be square or round in shape



Full Rounds full-rounds2
Round log in varying lengths diameter used for post, beams and collar ties.



¾ Rounds rounds2
Used for log joist and rafters.



Log Railings & Spindles log-railings2
3”- 4” diameter logs are used for railings & spindles. Spindles are tenioned on each end for installation. 24” spindles are used for angled stairs, 30” are used for straight railings.



Canadian Siding canadian-sliding2
Cut from White Pine One edge of the board is the natural contour of the log.


Mantels mantels2
Mantels come in a variety of styles widths and lengths.


stair-stringersStair Stringers & Steps verbooman 008
A stair stringer is a massive half log made for various applications. Stair treads are 3” thick with the contour of the log on the front edge,

Timbers are cut from White Pine; they come in a variety of widths and lengths used for many different applications.



  Post & Beams

Stair Stringers & Railings



 Roof Rafters

timbers-trussesTrusses & Timber Framing