Selecting The Right Finish & Stain For Your Log Home

Your log home is a major investment so when it is time to put a new coat of stain or finish on it, it's important to know your options and know the differences between the types of log home stains available on the market today.

Some stains "perform" better than others. This means they last longer, retain their water repellency longer, and consequently - protect the logs better.

There are several modern finishing products that are suitable for log homes. All of them penetrate the surface of the log and also provide a protective film on the surface. A good finish should contain a maximum amount of solids, some mildew inhibitor, and Ultraviolet blockers.

There are basically two types of finishes that we recommend: semitransparent and solid body stains. The type of finish chosen depends upon the log home's specific wood, environmental setting, the appearance the homeowner desires, and the level of maintenance that is acceptable to the homeowner.